Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dreams vs Reality : Problems

Tonight, a silent night that can comfort my heart. My life has been both hard and easy. External factors contribute to many issues in my life. I think life can be easy if we choose the easier paths. There were many examples in my life when I could have chosen an easier path but didn't quite see them. With hindsight I was able to conclude that I could have a much easier life if I chose the easier path. However, the spirit to challenge myself always directs me to a harder path.

I know there are many ppl struggling in everyday lives. Everyone have their own problems as well as I do. Problems in life are mostly intangible. They get to your mind. Half of the worries and troubles may not be even real. I know I should be grateful for having a life in the first place and feeling as though I should live it to the fullest but it’s just so hard to do RIGHT NOW!

Reminiscing my childhood days, I don’t have everything I want but I’m happy – my days of misery are over. I think that’s important. But now…in a world of ambition, drive and high achievement, many people have forgotten how to be happy. ‘REFLECTING MYSELF”
But I’m not gonna give up to live life disregarding those external factors that restrain myself!
Quote for today : LIVE A LITTLE; HAVE FUN; BE HAPPY!

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