Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dreams vs Reality : Problems

Tonight, a silent night that can comfort my heart. My life has been both hard and easy. External factors contribute to many issues in my life. I think life can be easy if we choose the easier paths. There were many examples in my life when I could have chosen an easier path but didn't quite see them. With hindsight I was able to conclude that I could have a much easier life if I chose the easier path. However, the spirit to challenge myself always directs me to a harder path.

I know there are many ppl struggling in everyday lives. Everyone have their own problems as well as I do. Problems in life are mostly intangible. They get to your mind. Half of the worries and troubles may not be even real. I know I should be grateful for having a life in the first place and feeling as though I should live it to the fullest but it’s just so hard to do RIGHT NOW!

Reminiscing my childhood days, I don’t have everything I want but I’m happy – my days of misery are over. I think that’s important. But now…in a world of ambition, drive and high achievement, many people have forgotten how to be happy. ‘REFLECTING MYSELF”
But I’m not gonna give up to live life disregarding those external factors that restrain myself!
Quote for today : LIVE A LITTLE; HAVE FUN; BE HAPPY!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

♥ 毕业旅行:台湾之旅 第二天 ♥ 台中 ♥ 日月潭


我们住的酒店 :爱在逢甲


好奇怪,台湾的店大多数都是10.30am 或是11.30am 才开,好难才找到一家早餐店!@@



这间庙在酒店附近而已,好美一下~~ 就顺道拜拜咯~~ hehe..

中午11时左右,我们又赶客运到日月潭了~~ 要花两个多小时才到~~ @@

到了日月潭,民宿的人来接我们。check in 后就匆匆忙忙的载我们到码头~~因为最后一班船是5.30pm...




要去台湾旅行,如果平时没运动就劝你别去了~~ 这八天内我走了几千级的阶梯,走到双脚都黑青,可不是开玩笑的!晕! @@


之后又搭船去另一个对岸~~ 好冷~~ 山上都是雾~~


傻傻的我们还走到了最高处,为的就是参观这小米酒博物馆 ^^



冷风的吹袭下,我们就去吃了 "热辣辣" 的火锅!!

说真的,一点都不辣!去到台湾最不惯的就是什么食物都不辣!因为我每天都是无辣不欢的 >.<




呼啦啦~~八点多,我们回到民宿又出发看萤火虫了!^^ 可是萤火虫的数量不多,因为已接近尾声了~~


Monday, June 4, 2012

♥ 毕业旅行:台湾之旅 第一天 ♥ 台中

看一看,算一算...有整整半年没更新我的部落格了,厉害!!回想起这半年真的有够忙的~~ >.< 终于终于,我毕业了!!! 没有FYP, assignments, lab reports, test, thesis, final exam !! 你问我感觉怎么样?? 简直就是:爽! 爽!爽!哈哈哈~~要疯掉 @@

八天的旅程,打个喷嚏就过了~~ 好像有点夸张~~哈哈


第一次坐air asia, 感觉比 MAS 的飞机小~~ @@

坐了整5个小时的飞机,终于到了!!坐到腰酸背痛,还要坐两个小时的客运去台中... 晕!@@

哪知道天不作美,台湾现在是微雨季节,雨下得稀里哗啦~~ 唉...
可是听说台中的逢甲夜市超大,而且朝多美食的!!最后还是乘着雨伞去逛夜市....买了杯出名的北回牛奶,如果你喜欢喝牛奶就应该满不错的,因为牛奶味比较重 ~~


雨越下越大,而且不会停!只好买了雨衣,一双槊胶鞋,撑着雨伞,好像yellow man 去逛夜市一样!哈哈~~

看到这家的章鱼烧排长龙,应该很好吃...所以也拼了,下着雨排队买来吃~~ 哈哈

它的章鱼烧可以配wasabi哦~~ 刺激一下~~ 哈~

这个是我不敢尝试的臭豆腐!满街都是,晕!吃在嘴里还是臭的~~ T.T

炭烤鸡排~~ ^^

雨下了一整晚,夜市都变得冷清清了....第一天,我已经打败仗了.... >.< 只好回去酒店休息咯.. T.T



Tuesday, April 24, 2012


hey guys, sorry for not updating my blog for months!!
i have been too busy with tests, assignments, viva, thesis, lab tests, reports n more!!!!! as it's my last sem in UTAR...

finally eveything is over now...but still left final exam n thesis submission. THEN... i will be free!!!

will do a frequent update after my final^^

have a nice day dude =)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Angry Bird Year!

I guess this year shouldnt be a dragon year, it should be ANGRY BIRD"S year!! i have no ideas why so many unhappy things happen recently, it seems like a bad sign for a brand new year~ just hope that everything will go smoothly after this! haiz~~ n this angry bird seems too cute to describe my "angry-ness", n i just wanna

SCOLD PPL!!!!!!!

But scolding ppl is my weakness i think.seldom scold ppl~~ i just dun like ppl pushing their responsibilities or putting their fault on me. i just DUN LIKE IT!!! i know i will be facing all these problems when i go out work later, so just try to bear with it. i'm gonna wait for time to revenge! watch it out!

Monday, January 9, 2012

♥ Love The Mother Earth & CNY Carnival Fashion Show ♥

The last saturday i did a charity show at taiping in conjunction with the lauching of "No Plastic Bag Saturday" by Dato Tan Lian Hoe, DPMP. (Timbalan Menteri Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan.

Let pictures speak.

The opening ceremony~~

At back stage~~

First round--- presenting eco dress with recycle bag sponsored by DIGI.
second round~~
Third round~~

The event was being featured in Oriental Daily - 8 Jan 2012 as below.

On Sinchew Daily (8 Jan 2012)

Did you know that plastic trash kills thousands of seabirds and sea animals like whales, turtles and seals every year? Plastic bags take up to 1000 years to decompose, just so a human can have a few minutes of convenience.

A compilation of news about campaigns around the world to eliminate single use plastic bags. What's the simplest thing you can you do to save a sea turtle, stop the need for oil wars, preserve a river, protect our children's future? Bring a reusable bag to the store!

So start from today, say NO to plastic bag. 
U can make a change to save the mother earth!